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Harry Hughes Youth Equestrian Center Contact Information


Please use the following contact information:

Volunteer Board Members:

Chair: Myndi Dawes 419-346-7195

Co-Chair: Dalton Collins

Treasurer: Robert Goewey 419-279-7399

Secretary: Myndi Dawes 419-346-7195

Members: Katti Lietner

                 Tammy Royer

                 Al Staler 419-266-2178

                 Len Mitchell

Scholarship Commitee:

Al Staler

Katti Leitner

Len Mitchell

Grounds/Rentals/Maintenance Committee:

Al Staler

Robert Goewey

Sponsorship/Donation Commitee:

Katti Leitner

Myndi Dawes

Meet Our Volunteer Board... UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

Dalton Collins joined the board in 2022.

Myndi Dawes joined the board in 2021. She first discovered Harry Hughes when she and her son, then 4, showed together in lead line classes.

Robert Goewey joined the board in 2021. He discovered Harry Hughes by joining Myndi in showing and trail riding their Morgan and Halflinger horses.

Katti Lietner joined the board in 0000.

Len Mitchell joined the board in 0000.

Tammy Royer joined the board in 0000.

Al Staler joined the board in 1974.

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