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The Harry Hughes Circuit and/or Harry Hughes Youth Equestrian Center, its members, sponsors, officers, volunteers, or committees shall not be held responsible for injury, loss, or death to any person, animal, property or equipment. Participants assume all liability as a condition of  participation.

1. Paid membership to the HHC is required for year-end awards. Points will be recorded beginning with the show the membership is paid at. Retro awarding of points will not occur. Members are eligible for year-end awards regardless of the number of shows attended.

2. Members must use the same exhibitor number for all shows. If a member shows with an incorrect number, they will not be awarded any points earned while showing with the wrong number. Those showing with no number are disqualified from the class in which this occurs.

3. Membership is based on One Exhibitor/One Animal/One Division. This may only be changed in the event of an animal’s death or by a veterinarian’s certificate stating that the animal is unsound for the remainder of the show year. In the above cases only, will points be transferred to a new animal.

4. All non-members will pay a $10.00 office fee per show.

5. The $35.00 / $15.00 All-Day Ride Fee is for circuit members only. This fee is good for One Exhibitor/One Animal/One Division combination only.  Jackpot classes are not included in the All-Day Ride Fee.

6. Any checks written to HHYEC must clear the bank. Checks returned for NSF will be assessed a $30 fee. Affected HHC member(s) will forfeit points earned and year-end prizes will not be awarded. Check writing privileges will be revoked, and registration will be payable in cash only. Any non-paid entries will not be permitted to show until unpaid fees are resolved. 

7. Main arena judges of the HHC cannot judge two consecutive years.

8. Any HHC show judge is required to live at least 50 miles from HHYEC.

9. If a member chooses to move up a division, their membership will follow them to the new division, and they will not pay a new membership fee. Points from the previous division will not carry over to the new division.

10. All ties for awards are broken by the most 1st places. If the tie cannot be broken, then it will be broken by the most 2nd places and so on until either the tie is broken or a true tie is determined.

11. All ponies must be measured before the show to enter any pony classes. A Pony Card will be given to all pony exhibitors. A pony must measure 58”/14.2HH or under with or without shoes. Pony must be shown as was originally measured; if shoes are put on, the pony must be re-measured. No more than 3 tries at measuring. Judge will have final say. After 7 years of age, the pony will have a permanent Pony Card.

12. Jackpot/Open classes do not count toward year-end awards. Overall standings will be based on total points accumulated from halter classes, division classes based on One Exhibitor/One Animal/One Division.

13. Classes close when prior class enters the ring. Gate closes 2 minutes after class has been called into the arena unless an allowance has been made.

14. This Circuit is judged based on the Ohio Uniform Rules for 4-H Horse Shows. Exhibitor’s age is as of January 1 of the current year.

15. Safety helmets are REQUIRED for riders 18 and under per Ohio Uniform Rules for 4-H Horse Shows and encouraged for all.

16. If exhibiting in Walk/Trot division (except Class 36) and found to be cantering on the grounds the day of any HHC show,  the exhibitor will automatically be moved up a      division and points accumulated will not transfer.

17. If exhibiting in Lead Line division, you must have a lead attached to the animal while riding at all times the day of any HHC shows or you will be moved up a division and points accumulated will not transfer.

18. Stallions are to be shown by exhibitors 19 & over.

19. If your horse is from out of the State of Ohio, you must present a current negative Coggins test at registration.

20. Unsportsmanlike conduct, cruelty to animals, animals or exhibitors deemed dangerous or out of control or excessive rail coaching are all cause for dismissal by the judge, HHC, or HHYEC board members.

21. Any unsound/unhealthy animal will be excused from the ring and potentially the grounds.

22. Any tack changes must be requested at the entry booth at least one class prior.

23. The use of drugs of any kind will not be tolerated and will be cause for dismissal without any refund of money. The HHC reserves the right to test any animal at any time.

24. All divisions are based on the Rider (not the animal). Exhibitors should register for division based on their skill level. HHC has the right to question an exhibitor’s division choice and make changes as deemed appropriate.

25. Judges and HHC decisions are final.

26. No refunds.

27. Spotters will be utilized to ensure safety of all exhibitors during riding classes in the main arena for the open walk only assisted/non-assisted and Walk/Trot 13 & under division.

28. Riding classes will be split at the judge’s discretion.

29. No alcohol use permitted on the grounds. No smoking in marked areas.

30. Ranch Horse division is open to all ages; horse or pony.  Not eligible for any Western Pleasure classes. Please see Ohio Uniform Rules for 4-H Horse Shows regarding appropriate equipment and detailed rules for Ranch Horses.

31. In cases of emergency or injury, continuation of showing/remaining on grounds will be at the discretion of the HHC and EMS, if called to the scene. A rider or Parent/Guardian may be asked to sign a waiver to stay on the grounds and/or continue showing. If EMS recommends transport and the transport is declined (AMA), the HHC reserves the right to ask the injured party to leave the grounds immediately.

32. In the case of an injury or emergency, horse show activities may be stopped to attend to the emergency. We ask that all riding and moving about to be ceased, except in the case of making room for attending the injured party/EMS access. We ask that you follow the Show Announcer’s directions.

34. In the case of injury or emergency, the HHC reserves the right to request and verify credentials of any person claiming licensure of medical practice. Anyone attending to an injured person will be expected to only work within the scope of their abilities or licensure. Responding licensed medical personnel will adhere to professional standards and provide report in the transfer of care to EMS or person with equal or greater licensure.

35. Photographs and video may be taken during events and may be used for promotion and social media. If you have circumstances preventing use of your likeness for these purposes, please contact Myndi Dawes at 419-346-7195.


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