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Support Kinsley's Journey

The HHYEC Board voted to host a 50/50 raffle to help support Kinsley's health care journey. Kinsley is the 14-year old daughter of long-time HHYEC competitor and volunteer, Neidera LaForrest. She was recently diagnosed with childhood leukemia and has been undergoing a litany of tests, treatments and hospitalizations.

The 50/50 winner will be drawn January 10 and half the monies raised will go to the winner and the other half will go to Neidera to support Kinsley's journey.


    Ohio laws, rules and regulations apply. HHYEC is permitted to hold this fundraiser under non-profit raffle rules and will adhere to the rules, including keeping records of all tickets sold and winners for a minimum period of 3 years. Any winner receiving more than $600 will be required to report under Ohio tax laws, rules and regulations.

    Ways to purchase tickets:  TICKETS ARE $5 EACH

    1. See any current HHYEC board member or contact Chair Myndi Dawes at 419-346-7195 or

    2. Cash, check, or Paypal accepted. Paypal transactions will be made via Paypal invoice, which will be submitted by Chair Myndi Dawes. All Paypal donations are deposited directly to the HHYEC bank, First Fed Delta.

    3. A paper or virtual ticket will be sent to you with your specific, non-duplicated number.

    4. Drawing will be January 10. Winner will be contacted directly by phone and/or email.

    5. A check for the winnings will be written to the winner. Any amount over $600 will be provided a tax form.


    If you have any questions or woudl like to purchase tickets, please contact Myndi Dawes, Chair.


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